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10 Tips for Hilton Head Vacation Rental Owners to Protect Their Investment

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16 Feb 2022

Is your vacation property your nest egg? If so, you know that it's important to protect your investment. In this blog post, we share 10 tips for safeguarding and protecting your Hilton Head Island vacation rental property!

1. Follow your HOA Rules and Regulations.

This will help to protect the value of your Hilton Head Island home or villa. It's also important for protecting not only your home but the area and the island as a whole. Whether you live on the island or are a few hours away, responsible homeownership keeps values high and the island looking great!

2. Secure Your Hilton Head Property When It's Not in Use.

This means keeping an eye on areas in your home prone to damage or wear and tear.  Have a friend or family member keep an eye on the place for you, or better yet, find a trusted and reliable Vacation Rental Management Company with ample experience in the area. They should have a proven track record of helping homeowners protect their investment and of maximizing revenue on their behalf. 

3. Get Rental Insurance.

This type of insurance is specific to Hilton Head Island vacation rental homes and villas. It will provide you with the proper coverage while your property is being rented out by others. Without this type of insurance, it's likely that you'll be underinsured in the event of a claim or a lawsuit.

4. Get Hilton Head Island Permits and Licenses for Your Vacation Home or Villa.

Hilton Head Island has many rules and regulations for vacation rental properties so you’ll want to make sure that you're following all Hilton Head Island's business licensing laws, as well. Visit the Town's business licensing page to learn more.

5. Have a Hilton Head Island Property Manager.

This one is key, as you need to find a team that not only follows all of Hilton Head rules and regulations but also puts your interests first! When hiring a Hilton Head property manager, be sure to ask them about their management experience on the island, what is their performance track record, and what kind of marketing they do on your behalf.

6. Keep Your Hilton Head Island Property Clean and Well-Maintained.

This is a fundamental step for both the protection of your investment as well as the enjoyment and satisfaction of your guests. When guests arrive at a clean and well-maintained property, their experience is immediately and positively influenced by this first impression. When leaving 5-star reviews online, this is one of the highlights several guests mention about the properties we manage. This fosters trust and loyalty as well since guests tend to return to the vacation homes they've felt most at ease in. This is often a result of arriving at a home that is neat, clean, and inviting. 

7. Fill out a Hilton Head Vacation Rental Registration Form with the Town of Hilton Head.

If you are a brand new vacation rental homeowner, this is a requirement for all Hilton Head vacation rental owners, and it's easy to do! Visit the Hilton Head Island Business Center website to learn more.

8. List Your Hilton Head Vacation Rental on Reputable Vacation Rental Websites.

Owning a vacation rental on Hilton Head can be expensive, so ensuring you are maximizing your revenue is a key step to protecting your nest egg. Listing your home on reputable and mass-reaching vacation rental websites will help to ensure that you are reaching a large and receptive audience. It also helps you get the most out of your marketing dollars by using websites that are highly visited by prospective travelers.

9. Get Familiar with Hilton Head's Beach Rules and Etiquette.

Hilton Head Island is known for its beautiful beaches so it is important to be aware of the rules and regulations that apply to Hilton Head's beaches. Knowing the etiquette will help to keep you, your guests, and Hilton Head's beaches safe and enjoyable for everyone, and it can help you protect your investment in the long term. Visit the Town of Hilton Head Island Beach Regulations page to be fully informed about what your guests can and should not do while visiting the island and staying at your home!

10. Keeping a Hilton Head Vacation Rental Logbook.

This is a great way to track all of the important information about your Hilton Head rental property. From repairs and maintenance to contact information for key suppliers, vendors, and service providers, the logbook will help to keep you organized and in control.

As you can see, protecting your nest egg can take a lot of work, consistency, and diligence, but it’s an effort that truly pays off. We hope that these tips will help you protect your Hilton Head vacation rental investment, and if you have any questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us! Our homeowners enjoy record-breaking revenue and the peace of mind that their investment is safe and protected. Our vacation home care and management team with real people that really care are here to help!